The Exam Papers Online page provides access for students of the University of Edinburgh to the collected degree examination papers of the University from 2004 onwards, They may be used by students as a study aid only. You will be prompted for your EASE username and password.


Printed exam papers

Bound volumes of older sets – up to academic year 2004/2005 – have now been removed to the Library Annexe and may be retrieved upon request. Further information on accessing material stored in the Library Annexe is available here: Accessing material in the Library Annexe

Exam Papers Archive (IAA, IAB, AAD, AAE, AAD, AAG, AAH)

Exam Papers Online is available on and off-campus. Follow the link to the exam papers you require. You will be prompted for your EASE username and password. Remain within the same browser window and access should be seamless.

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