You can access a large of Arabic speaking satellite channels (such as Al-Jazeera Arabic, Sky News Arabia, Al Arabia, etc) at the LLC School (50 George Square). The TV stations are located in all the study pods on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.

Also, all the teaching rooms have satellite receivers including also the project room and the screening room. 

How to Use the Satellite Pods in LLC?

To turn on the Television and get satellite, use the control panel on the wall

  • Push the green on button on the panel this will switch the television on and default to the computer when you press it.
  • Press the button marked Satellite The satellite channels have been organized into favorites, and each favorite has a number of the more popular channels in them.
  • The list of these favourites are: Arabic ,Chinese French German Italian Japanese Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish UK
  • To change between the favorites press the fav button on the bottom left of the remote control and then use the central rocker button to go left or right to select the favorite language you want, this will then bring up a list of channels for that language, you can then use the up down motion on the rocker to select a channel.
  • If you need a hand contact Alan or John in the Resource Centre on the 1st floor.

List of Arabic Channels on Satellite in LLC


Location of the Languages & Humanities Centre

50 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9JU

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