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Super Confusing Words (for Arabic Language Learners) INDEX

Have you come across words in Arabic that have similar sounds, pronunciations, spellings but have totally different meanings? These are the ones we call Super Confusing Words. Learning them will hopefully help you avoid mispronunciation mishaps and mistakes, especially in spoken communication and translation.  

The words are either of the following groups:

  • Homographs e.g. (شَعر – شِعر) i.e. poetry – hair
  • Homophones (ليلى – ليلة) i.e. night – female name
  • Homonyms (رياضيات = maths vs. female athletes
  • Similar Sounding Letters: soft vs. bold (كلبي – قلبي) i.e. 
  • Easily confused words (e.g. غالي – غني) i.e. rich – expensive 

Here are some of the most commonly and easily confused words in Arabic to watch out for. 


Set #03 (#21-30)




Set #02 (#11-20)



Set #01 (#01-10)

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Set #01 

Set #02

IAA | Core Vocabulary

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    • A. Core Vocabulary Lists [Downloadable PDF]
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    The vocabulary lists can be downloaded below as PDF files

  • Audio Visual Flashcards & Quizzes

    The core vocab sets are available to study via the IAA Quizlet Class. See link below. 

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    Membership to this class is restricted only to students enrolled in Intensive Arabic A (IAA) at the Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Edinburgh. 

    1. IAA (2017) | Quizlet

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  • Vocabulary Podcasts 

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  • Vocabulary Videos 

    IAA Core Vocabulary Video Playlist

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  • Dictation & Listening Activities 

    The following activities will test a variety of skills, including spelling accuracy, listening skills and  your vocabulary knowledge at beginners level.

    Alphabet Letter Groups | Dictation Drills

  • Odd One Out Quizzes 

    The following quizzes are based on IAA Core vocabulary and will be available via the weekly study guide.

    e-Arabic Learning Portal

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  • Synonyms & Antonyms Quizzes

    The synonyms quizzes will test your ability to think of a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word.

    The following quizzes are available via the weekly study guide. The online interactive version is accessible via Quizlet (see link below).

    V# – Synonyms Quizzes Folder | Quizlet

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  • Plurals Quizzes

    1. Plurals Quiz 1
    2. Plurals Quiz 2
    3. Plurals Quiz 3
    4. Plurals Quiz 4
    5. Plurals Quiz 5
    6. Plurals Quiz 6
    7. Plurals Quiz 7
    8. Plurals Quiz 8
    9. Plurals Quiz 9
    10. Plurals Quiz 10

    The quizzes are available in this folder:

    G# – Plurals Quizzes (AAD & IAA) Folder | Quizlet

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