• Activity: Listening Activity
  • Language: Educated Spoken Arabic & MSA
  • Themes: Citizen Journalism (صحافة المواطن), Social Media
  • Media: http://goo.gl/opkhOn (13min)
  • Source: BBC Arabic


  • Listen to the interview with Louay Ismael from the BBC Arabic who talks about Citizen Journalism and how the BBC deals with this type of media
  • Answer the comprehension questions in English and prepare yourself to discuss your answers w/ your classmates in Arabic.

Comprehension Questions

Section 1:

– According to Louay Ismail, what is citizen journalism?

– What’s the difference between a citizen journalist and a professional journalist?

– What are their main characteristics of each type of media?

citizen journalist

professional journalist?

Section 2:

– Is it possible for anyone to become a citizen journalist? Why?

– How does a citizen journalist deal with events when they occur?

Section 3:

– Could citizen journalism be integrated with traditional media?

– What does Louay Ismail think about the merge between the two types of media?

– How does the programme ‘I Witness’ (“أنا الشاهد” ) integrate citizen journalism?

– What does Louay think about the recent uprisings in the Arab World?