Epic Translation Fail #01 – Espresso Shot!

The translation reads: Espresso shot w/ a bullet! Probably done electronically without any consideration of the context! How would you translate “Espresso Shot” correctly in ? Photo credits:

Epic Translation Fail #02 – Eastern Food!

Restaurant Arabic sign spotted in w/ a basic grammatical error! How would you translate “ Dishes/Food” correctly in ? Photo credits:


Epic Translation Fail #03 – Which Turkey are we talking about?

(1) the large bird (ديك رومي ) or (2) the country (تركيا)

Photo credits: Unknown


Epic Fail #04 – Nuts Problem! 🙂

How would you translate this word (مُشَكَّلَة), which is spelled exactly like the word (مُشْكِلَة) i.e. problem but pron. differently? Credits: Unknown


Epic Fail #05 – not Allowed!

Not entirely sure what’s the sign is saying here? What’s or Who’s not allowed to do what? Thoughts? Photo Credits:


Epic #Translation Fail #06 – Nope, not those cookies!

Cookie (1): baked/cooked food that is small, flat and sweet.

Cookie (2): small piece of data stored on your computer while browsing

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