Al-Am’ari Refugee Camp (مخيّم الأمعري‎), a Palestinian refugee camp in the Ramallah. Image Credit:


  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Author: Written by Mourad Diouri, U. of Edinburgh
  • Themes: Studying abroad, language-learning, living abroad, tandem learning

Task 1 | English-Arabic Translation

Translate into idiomatic Arabic:

  • I got to know lots of Arabs during my visit to the Arab world. Most of them were educated and open-minded. They were also generous, kind and very welcoming to foreigners.


  • We took intensive lessons in the Palestinian dialect every day by studying popular sayings and folklore tales. The lessons were interesting but not all my colleagues agree with me!


  • During my stay in the West bank, I worked as a volunteer at Al-Am’ari refugee camp, where I spoke Arabic every day, I learnt to cook and practised translation from and to Arabic and English.


  • My language partner (f.) was of Palestinian origin and she knew a lot about Arabic literature. Most of the time, we spoke only in colloquial Arabic and sometimes (using) the “colloquial of the cultured”. We also exchanged lots of tips on how to improve my level in Arabic, especially reading Arabic media.


  • I travelled around the Middle East with my colleagues and had (spent) a wonderful time exploring famous touristic sites such as the ancient City of Petra, the Pyramids and the Dead Sea.

Task 2 | Arabic-English Translation