Have you come across words in Arabic that have similar sounds, pronunciations, spellings but have totally different meanings? These are the ones we call Super Confusing Words. Learning them will hopefully help you avoid mispronunciation mishaps and mistakes, especially in spoken communication and translation.  

The words are either of the following groups:

  • Homographs e.g. (شَعر – شِعر) i.e. poetry – hair
  • Homophones (ليلى – ليلة) i.e. night – female name
  • Homonyms (رياضيات = maths vs. female athletes
  • Similar Sounding Letters: soft vs. bold (كلبي – قلبي) i.e. 
  • Easily confused words (e.g. غالي – غني) i.e. rich – expensive 

Here are some of the most commonly and easily confused words in Arabic to watch out for. 


Set #03 (#21-30)




Set #02 (#11-20)



Set #01 (#01-10)

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Set #01 

Set #02